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Discussion about Arborists

Posted by John Shepard on May 23, 2017
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I’m sure you’ve heard about different South Carolina jobs that include cutting, pruning and taking care of the trees. You probably know something about a tree service and the business you may start yourself even today, but all of these jobs are very dangerous, responsible, and they may leave some severe consequences on each person who gets hurt. Being an arborist is not different from these positions above at all, it is not safe either and if you want to learn more about it and maybe prepare yourself for doing such a thing, keep reading this.

An arborist is a person (must be a professional) who practices arboriculture (it represents study, management, cultivation of single trees, vines, shrubs and other eternal arboreal plants. The qualification is an ISA certification that is national in scope and not just for cities like Columbia or Charleston, SC or counties like Lancaters. It is country wide. This worker usually focuses on the safety and health of an individual tree or other plants and he (she) prefers it to harvesting and managing the woods (forests). This job is very unique, and it is similar to other jobs such as a logger or a forester (these professions have a lot in common). Most reputable tree service companies are owned and operated by a certified arborist, like the local Palmetto Tree Service.

Just like for any other job, you must be of course qualified to be an arborist, but some extra (additional) training is also required for these people. Different countries require different qualifying. If you are interested in this and if you want to learn a lot more about it, here are some information which is necessary for you. You can also contact regional ISA chapters like West Columbia, SC ISA. There are many various smallest distances which must be kept when you are near power wires (this always depends on voltage) and commonly, when it comes to low voltages, the normal distance is around three meters (or ten feet).

charleston sc arborist

Not all of them climb the trees, but the ones who do can use different techniques or methods to climb it. The one which is the most popular and least aggressive isarboriculture . You will find two usual climbing methods: SRT (climbing on a single rope) and DRT (the technique which involves double line). When they e.g. remove the tree or if their safety is a problem, they like to use spikes which are usually attached to their boots. These spikes can injure the tree thus leaving little holes on it, and they show each arborist’s step.

The work of this person may include enormous (sometimes huge) and complicated trees, an ecological community with their various components. It is helpful to concentrate on the tree types in South Carolina if that is where you will be employed. These can require e.g. treatment to make sure the trees are safe, healthy, and suitable enough for community or owner’s standards. This may include all (or just some) of pruning, planting, various kinds of support, transplanting, diagnosing, treating and preventing parasitism, interrupting predation (stopping it), installing different types of protection, removing e.g. disease vectors, aggressive species, weed, etc.

Giving testimony (which must be legal of course), planning, consulting or writing reports may also be parts of the arborist’s job. Some parts (aspects) of this job can be done at the office, on the ground, but most of them are done (performed) on the trees, with ropes, lifts, cranes, harnesses and other equipment. Each arborist has different work, and each of them performs something else as well.

Some well known and reputable arborists reside thoughout South Carolina including Charleston, Mount Pleasant and Columbia, so feel free to contact them and find out everything about their line of work.

Backyard Tree and Landscape Design

Posted by John Shepard on February 6, 2016
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Anyone with a backyard who wants to enjoy being out there will at one time or another think about backyard landscape design. Though there are many simple things that one can do in the lawn, there are some who want to have something stunning and relaxing for when they have the time to sit out there and enjoy their space. There are some great ideas out there, and they are just waiting to be found. Many of the best ideas come from first dealing with the trees and the tree canopy.  Once you have the foliage, limbs and branches shaped in your mind, it gets easier. It is really easy to come up with unique ideas as well. There are many ways to plan a yard, and there are as many ideas as there are yards. The point it to make if feel like home outside as well as inside the house.

tree landscaping

Making room for trees

One of the most expensive ways to work with backyard landscape design is to have a program designed for that purpose. I’m not sure if that is out there, but I know this is often included in programs used to help blueprint new homes. Along with putting the home and with all of the details, most of this software can also aid in backyard landscape design. It will spot your trees, whether evergreen or deciduous. The best thing about it is that it can usually give an estimate of the final cost with all of the things that have been added to the design.

If this is not an option, backyard landscape design can be done just by mapping out the dimensions of the yard on a large sheet of paper and then working on what might be best or desired. Your lot lines are the first restriction and the next is how many trees you want and what size and shape your hardwood trees will be. It might take a little time, but cutting out small paper representations of each addition and then taping them on the paper might help a person to see where they are going with their backyard landscape design and what they might need to remove. We often think we have more or less room than we really do, so getting it to scale is important. Remember to think in the future as your tree size will change dramatically over a few or several years. Visit the West Columbia, South Carolina ISA Information site periodically to see if they have any ideas for you there.

Many have seen spectacular backyard landscape design in magazines or on television. Though they may not be able to remember exactly how something looked, that might be for the best. Though a design might have looked good, it is always more special if the backyard landscape design a person goes with is one that is unique in at least a few different ways. Look at how the tree shade falls during different times of the day and maybe seasons. Consider picking the brain of a certified arborist. Find out which trees will grow and what shape and size they will be throughout their lives. Much like a home, the yard should reflect a little about the people in the house, and it should also feel like home. An exact copy of something else won’t have that cozy feeling many look for when landscaping their yards.

Remember Tree Climbing?

Posted by John Shepard on March 12, 2018
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There are a lot of things that my daughter cannot do that I once did quite often as a child in the woods of South Carolina. This is mostly because of where we live and the fact that I am a bit overly protective. I am trying to let her do the things that I did, but I do understand now why my mom worried so much back then. To me, tree climbing was safe and I always knew what I was doing and our area of upstate South Carolina had our choice of trees to assail. To my mother, it was an accident waiting to happen, and something she always worried about when I was outside with friends. We spent a lot of time climbing trees, and we always had fun doing so.

Tree climbing was always about exploration. We wanted to get as high as we could. I guess there is just something exhilarating to a child about climbing trees that high and not having anything bad happen. We were always aware that we could only go up so high before the tree was too weak to hold us, and we never pushed it too far. My mom was not quite as secure about our knowledge, but I never had an injury from SC tree climbing, other than a few bruises and scratches.

When it comes to my daughter climbing trees, I don’t let her do it very often. I understand that tree climbing is something that all children want to do, and that I can stand with her as she tries it, but I still worry about it much as my mother did. Perhaps my daughter is just too small at the moment for me to trust in her judgment. Whatever the case, I do not want to keep her away from tree climbing all of her life especially in our bountiful woods in South Carolina. It is fun, and it is also a great way to build muscle. I just want to have some say in the trees that she chooses to climb. I don’t think that is too much to ask.

Though my tree climbing days included nothing more than my hands, feet, and good judgment, there is more to it today. There are many South Carolina companies that sell tree climbing equipment that does make this much safer. You may want to look into this if you want your children to climb trees for fun. At the very least, as safety harness and a helmet might help to allay some of your fears about this fun activity.

Green Gardening Tips for a Healthier Planet

Posted by John Shepard on February 20, 2017
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Can anything get more green and planet-friendly than a garden? Well, it depends on how exactly your garden is designed. The regular American lawn for instance, as beautiful as it can be, is about as good for the environment as owning a gas guzzler is – it uses up a lot of natural resources, and it needs petroleum-based additives to keep it going. Let’s try to look a little deeper with gardening tips on how you can design your lawn and your garden to be as light on the planet as possible.

Let’s start our list of green gardening tips on a friendly note. Have you ever thought about how attractive your garden is to local wildlife – birds, little animals and such? Building hedges out of native plants for instance, is the best way to give local birds a place to hide out in, and to find food in. In a residential neighborhood that’s filled with manicured lawns, a garden with local plants is going to be such a welcome oasis for your little feathered friends. Your garden has to be all about a dead branch or two for insects to swarm on and to provide birds with something to eat. A thicket of trees and bamboo shoots should help squirrels and other little creatures have a place to hide out in. It ecologically helps the local environment – it’s what the land is meant for.

Gardening today is all about being frugal with water. In most counties across the country including Lancaster, SC in a drought, it’s even illegal to use your water supply to water your lawn. You need to completely rethink the relationship your garden has with its water supply to be able to be an environmentally friendly gardener. Most gardening tips to do with using water wisely will ask you to pick the right kind of grass – drought-resistant Buffalo grass that can even grow in places like Arizona and Nevada with whatever little natural rainfall there is, is a great idea. There is a little mowing to do and even less watering. But there is more to running an environmentally friendly garden than choosing the right kind of grass. You can choose the right kind of plants all around. Plants that are native to your region are likely to use water far more efficiently and to not need anything more than what the rains in your area provide. Unnaturally transplanting plants that don’t belong to a region is environmentally unfriendly. It uses up a disproportionate amount of precious local resources, the plants aren’t adapted to the pests in the area and need more chemicals to survive, and it just makes little sense – economical or environmental.

Laying New Sod

Posted by John Shepard on October 31, 2016
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Anyone who has ever seen workers laying new sod in a neighbor’s garden has to be fascinated by how grass and soil could be grown in such neat mats and be rolled up like some kind of manufactured plastic sheeting. It does seem easy enough laying new sod does what could there be to it other than picking a patch of land and rolling it out? Actually, you wouldn’t be far off judging how easy it can be. But a few pointers would be in order.

The traditional way to grow grass in your garden would be to turn the soil and then throw grass seeds about. The only problem there is, that it can be pretty labor-intensive to do with this way. Grass takes time to sprout, you have to take care of the weeds, and there will be bald patches. It can actually take months before you have the kind of grassy lawn that you envision. Opt for laying new sod just like that and you get a ready-made grassy lawn in a few hours.

While all grass might look the same in passing, important differences do exist. There are of course different varieties of grass that look different and feel different, and have different maintenance needs. Prices are usually quoted four 100 sq.ft, and you pay anything from $40 to $250 for that much depending on the variety of grass your ordering. If you’re buying online, you have to make sure that you buy the right species of grass for your specific state and county. Grass can be very sensitive to climate and soil quality. While buying online could save you some money, going with the local vendor would really guarantee for you the right kind of grass for your neighborhood.

Whatever method you choose, doing it yourself can be quite easy, and can make for a great DIY project. You’ll get instructions to go with your order; whatever you do though you want to make sure that you get around to laying new sod the very day that it arrives. You don’t want it to wilt standing (do make sure you leave it in the shade).

You also need to make sure you have all the materials needed at the ready at least one day before your turf delivery arrives. To start off laying new sod, you need to measure the area you plan to put your installation down in and take notice of any unusual features there might be like bumps or troughs. You can’t just roll your sod over hard ground. You need to prepare the soil by tilling to a depth of at least 3 inches first. Once you’ve done that, you could rake a mixture of lime, fertilizer and compost on the prepared patch to a 3-inch thickness, and bring in a lawn roller to flatten everything nicely and level everything properly. You want a level that’s at least an inch below the driveway.

You’re nearly ready to actually roll the turf out now. You just need to sprinkle water on the prepared surface so that your new turf will have something to attach itself to, and then roll it out. You need to water your new turf within 15 min. of having laid it down. Keep watering it once every couple of hours for the first couple weeks, and you should be set.

South Carolina Pine Trees

Posted by John Shepard on May 26, 2016
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New growth of pine trees and old stand behind

south carolina pines

South Carolina Pine Trees


Tree Pruning and Gardening Supplies

Posted by John Shepard on February 2, 2016
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tree trimming gearIf you’re an avid gardener or consider yourself a master at pruning trees, like so many millions across the country, you’re probably already a ”regular” at the local nurseries and garden supply stores. In fact, if you’ve got a free afternoon on the weekend, that’s probably where you can be found.

On the other hand, if you’re a beginning or lukewarm gardener and question your ability doing tree service, you may be unaware of the fun and treasures to be had at garden supply houses. Some are big DIY type places, with everything under the sun pertaining to gardening. Other garden supply shops may be specialty nurseries with smaller but select “gourmet” garden supplies.

electric pole chainsawLet’s look first at the larger type of garden supply store. These are usually the backbone of a strip mall, dominating the scene in a can’t-miss-it sort of way. Once you step inside, you might not know where to begin. These are organized like department stores, with patio furniture and cute little bistro tables having their own section. You’ll find patio table umbrellas, hammocks, gazebos, potting benches and lounge furniture.

Hydroponic equipment will have its own area, with everything you’ll need to begin a soil free garden indoors or in a greenhouse. Hydroponics is still not exactly mainstream, so the big garden supply stores have racks of brochures on the how-to’s to familiarize you with this interesting method of gardening.

You’ll start to wish your wallet would accommodate more of these goodies as you browse through the selection of fountains, DIY fish ponds, statuary, gazing globes and sundials. If nothing else, it’s food for thought: “That would be perfect in my rose garden.”

Seasonal flower bulbs in their bins, with colorful pictures above each showing the resulting display next season is enough to make you grab a basket.

tree pruning equipmentIn the actual nursery area, the large garden supply store carries something for everyone, from herbs and cacti in little pots to fruit trees in 15-gallon containers. Eventually these trees will become to large for you to prune and you will have to get a tree service company to assist in trimming and maybe tree removal.

Of course you’ll find every garden tool you could think of, with garden hoses, sprinklers and irrigation systems to suit every style and method of gardening.

Smaller garden supply stores tend to specialize in their plant selections and carry unique and hand made garden accessories. Their book selections are often hand picked by the owner to be useful in the context of their stock. For example,a small garden supply specializing in orchids and ferns would tend to have their bookshelves stocked with books you’d have trouble finding on the subject.

If you have any interest in gardens and gardening and a free afternoon, take yourself window shopping at a garden supply. I can almost guarantee you’ll be back again.